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Оборудование по производству мясокостной муки, животного жира и растительного м  Отзывы 0

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Цена: за (штук) 1000000.00

Мин. кол-во: 1 штук
Макс. кол-во: 100 штук
Время доставки: Суток с момента оплаты
Регион: Китай, Henan, Zhengzhou

Chinese company " Xinxiang Tianyuan oil equipment Co.Ltd." was established in 2003. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of equipment in China in the such areas as:

1. In the food industry: the line of equipment for the production of all kinds of the vegetable oil.

2. In the agriculture: the line of equipment for the production of animal oil and meat-and-bone meal, using the meat and the meat processing waste.

3. Line of equipment to produce the biological diesel oil, using kitchen garbage and other wastes.

4. In the chemical industry: the line of equipment for processing used engine oil and tire oil to produce new engine oil.

5. All types of the tanks or pressure vessels for chemical plants.

6. Line of equipment for processing used kaolin to produce biological diesel oil.

7. Oleic essential oil equipment: equipment for the separation of essential oil from palmitic acid; equipment for the distillation of butyric acid.

8. Other equipment.

The implementation of the mentioned projects in many countries is supported by the government`s financial assistance.

We guarantee high quality of equipment and highly effective after-sales service. We provide a whole range of services, including designing the premises of the plant, designing and manufacturing equipment, as well as installation and adjustment of equipment, etc.

It is also possible to manufacture all types of tanks or pressure vessels.

We have successfully supplied equipment to many countries in the world, such as Russia, Ukraine, Indonesia, Taiwan, India, some african countries, etc.

Additional information: http://www.xxtianyuan.com/

For information in English, please contact:

Email: jibing_1@126.com  qq (or wechat):315815542

Tel: +8615810058511 (WhatsApp)

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